What is Corner Water? We thought you would never ask! Our products are 100% Natural Premium Artesian water.  Flowing from local natural springs, the taste and PH Level says it all.  Corner Water doesn’t require and doesn’t contain the chemicals and purifying agents found in many other bottled waters. PH 7.8+

Our story begins in the Washington DC Metro Area at Stanton Elementary.  Our team was teaching youth nutrition classes to elementary school students and decided to do a community food map as an activity.  This included surveying the food establishments that were within blocks of their school. Their assignment was to take pictures of the different food items and then come as a group and discuss where the healthy food gaps were in their food desert community.  As a group, these youth concluded that there was not a good variety of bottled water options being provided to their community.  So we took ACTION! By creating our own premium natural alkaline bottled water.  We wanted the best and knew we had to bring it to every CORNER! Corner Water was born!


To provide premium natural alkaline water to the communities who don’t have equitable access and to help youth learn the core pillars to social entrepreneurship.